These Hip Adult Sex-Ed Classes Are Mythbusters For Men Who Need A Clue About Women (And Their Crazy Bodies)

The Birds & The Bees for Men.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
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How much do you know about your lady’s lady parts? Be honest. Not much, right? Sure, you’ve seen enough porn to drown your mother in her own tears and flunked biology 15 or so years ago, but how much do you really know? Don’t feel down, most men don’t know enough, but luckily there are these ultra-hip adult sex-ed classes, mythbusters for men who need a clue about women (and their crazy bodies).

Cycles + Sex is a new movement of forward-thinking adult sex-ed lectures. Like TED Talks for the boys whose high school gym coaches didn’t get past the awkward story of the banana and the condom. The series of speakers includes a lineup of highly qualified “sexperts” who will touch on (so to speak) pertinent and taboo topics meant to bust sex myths, map out sexual landmines and unlock keys to the mythical orgasm in all spoken and unspoken territories (i.e. the ass and other places we like to stick our peckers).

All the things you were afraid to ask your girlfriend, wife, mistress and/or mother about the female anatomy, girls’ cooties, raging hormones, period sex, shower sex, stoner sex, spanking, anal poppers, birth control, fertility, the many uses of coconut oil, sacrilegious near-impossible positions, butt plugs, feminine hygiene products and where to flush them, as well as the whereabouts of the mythical clitoris are all on the table.

Below is a list of scheduled talks, essentially The Birds & The Bees for Men, with notes on what to expect from each. Check out this sex education movement, starting Saturday, Nov. 4 in downtown Los Angeles at The Springs from 11 a.m. until 7 as we pop open our pleasure chests, decolonize gender and set our pussies free! We’ll save you a seat. Don’t forget to bring your lube.

These Hip Adult Sex-Ed Classes Are Mythbusters For Men Who Need A Clue About Women (And Their Crazy Bodies)

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