Florida Wedding Crasher Spies On ‘Boyfriend,’ Ends Up Getting Beat Up By Bridesmaids

Photo: Jeffrey Hamilton (Getty)

Maybe a sequel to Wedding Crashers?

Shelby McDowell, of Lake Butler, wasn’t happy that her boyfriend Darby Johns was invited to a wedding and she wasn’t. So what did the 20-year-old do? Well she showed up to to the wedding, saw her boyfriend dancing and kissing 25-year-old Crystal Munoz, poured a drink on Johns and then proceeded to punch Munoz.

McDowell then ran to the women’s restroom to hide in a stall. Yep, that happened. But here’s where it gets more bonkers: several bridesmaids located her, “pulled her out of the stall by her feet” and then began punching her, according to the arrest report.

Photo: Facebook – McDowell and Johns (January 2017)

Daily Mail

Munoz told a deputy that she and Johns were walking to the ballroom when ‘someone’ threw a drink at them. She says she was then “punched in her left eye twice and when she turned around, she saw a woman running away.”

She was among the bridesmaids who went to the women’s restroom where she recognized McDowell by looking under the stall door, reported Flagler Live.

Johns told deputies that McDowell wasn’t his girlfriend and that she wasn’t invited to the wedding. He also said that he hadn’t been kissing Munoz and that they were walking to the dance floor when McDowell attacked them.

So it seems that they aren’t dating anymore. Or at least McDowell still thinks they are. Or maybe Johns was caught cheating. Or maybe everyone is crazy. I mean, it is Florida.

Photo: Flagler County

McDowell was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and then released 12 hours later.

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