Today’s Funny Photos 11-2-17

Some days are harder to write funny photos intros for than others. Fortunately, since I never think of anything to say before I sit down and start pecking away at this thing, we won’t know if this is one of those rambling, nearly incoherent ones or something of flash and/or substance until the very end (although, from that horribly constructed run-on sentence, you probably have a pretty good idea. Speaking of pretty (you’re allowed to use “speaking of” as a segue even if you were the one talking in the first place, right?), we always like to start our day with a pretty lady getting meme’d hardcore. Let”s see how that’s going.

After making sure we are still following Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can never be too careful.

Today’s Funny Photos 11-2-17

Yeah yeah, we all love hilarious costumes. Especially on celebrities.

Don’t worry, we keep Page 2 in plain sight, as well.

More funny photos, you say? Alright, welcome to the back eight as we call ’em in the biz.

Today’s Funny Photos 11-2-17 (Page 2)

Milk (in proper sequence), like laughter, does the body good.

I remember yesterday’s funny photos like they were that day before today.