Escalators Become Even More Risky To Ride When There’s A Giant Rat On Them

I'll just stay on the second floor, thank you very much.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati
Photo: gallinago_media (Getty)

We’ve written about how dangerous escalators can be; who can forget that woman who disappeared into a hole after an escalator panel beneath her gave out. And remember when a couple was almost crushed by an escalator? And of course, those occurrences are rare, but they do happen. But you know what’s one thing you don’t expect to happen while you’re on an escalator? For a giant rat to get in your way. But guess what? That happened in the Manila, Philippines.

Escalators Become Even More Risky To Ride When There’s A Giant Rat On Them

Here’s how the video below is described on YouTube:

“It was an ordinary mall stroll when I heard ladies shouting, so got close and start recording. There was a rat on the escalator, scaring people that are trying to go down an escalator.”

When I go to the mall I expect to be scared by the prices and by the people trying to stop me to force lotion on my hands, I don’t expect to be confronted by a shopping-obsessed rat. Have a look at the video below:

It’s fascinating to see everyone’s reactions: from hysterical, to petrified to downright chill about it like the woman who simply skipped over it. No word yet on what that rat was looking for, but I’m going to assume he was looking for directions to New York City.

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