Today’s Funny Photos 2-12-18

LOL time!

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

Man, that was a great weekend, right? You wish it could had gone a little bit longer? We do, too. And we know that no one likes Mondays at all, but at least you can be happy that a new batch of Funny Photos are here to make you feel a little bit better. Well, we hope it makes you feel a ton better, that’s for sure. And hey, next Monday the majority of us don’t even have to show up to work, so you have that to look forward to. But for right now you can look forward to some laughs! And hey, everyone always looks forward to laughing so let’s get on that right now!

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Today’s Funny Photos 2-12-18




Yeah, not the best decision: Idiots Lose Their Admission Offers To Harvard After Sharing Offensive Memes




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