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Beth Ditto Might Be the Last True Rock Star

The former Gossip frontwoman’s new single ‘We Could Run’ is both classic rock and forward looking.

Ernest Hardyby Ernest Hardy

Beth Ditto’s brand new single “We Could Run” is something of a throwback:  classic rock star power-belting against a track simmering with ‘80s New Wave flourishes. But rather than merely being retro for its own sake, “Run” is a bracing reminder of when women like Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde, and countless femme one-hit wonders were making history simply by staking their claim to rock & roll. Lyrically, it’s a vintage caress of reassurance to a lover, an admission that while we might be ordinary people in the struggle, I got you; we don’t have to settle for where or how we live (a far distance from what we’re sold by the media as worthwhile lives) – we could run. As the groove snakes and builds into a Blondie-worthy pop track, it’s shot through with fragility and strength, vulnerability and toughness. And you could surf forever on the wave of Beth’s gorgeous vocals.

Top photo courtesy Matt Kent/Wire Image/Getty Images