Distant Relatives Jamaican Journey: Nas & Damian Marley

A three-part video series documenting the legendary duo's journey to Jamaica, with some amazing surprises.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Distant Relatives Jamaican Journey: Nas & Damian Marley

HipHopDX has released video documentation of the historic trip of Nas and Damian Marley took to Bob Marley’s Hope Road home, the collaboration that brought them together and footage from their "Land of Promoise" video shoot.


Damian Marley and Nas’ recent trip to Kingston, Jamaica found the duo joined by respected filmmaker, photographer, author and Mochilla co-founder B+ for a week-long trip that found the group in Trenchtown as well as Bob Marley’s legendary Hope Road home.


DX explains:


"My work with Damian Jr. Gong Marley started in 2005 when Welcome to Jamrock was just starting to blow in JA. I ended up flying to Jamaica with Eric Coleman to do the album cover of Jamrock from Brasil. Ras Kassa was our producer on the ground for that shoot. He is a wealth of knowledge on locations and the people and culture. So when I got the call to go down to JA again this November to shoot behind the scenes for the "Land of Promise" video that Kassa was directing I leapt at the chance."


B+ captured three segments while the pair visited the country:


Released on Monday the 17th, the first finds the duo on their first night in Jamaica at Hope Road. Smoking Cuban cigars and kickin’ back with ease, Nas explains the significance of this musical journey, recounting what he and Damian have shared over the last several years as they made their landmark collaboration album, and took it out to tour the world. 



On Wednesday January 19, the second segment was released, finding Damian and Stephen Marley making a dub-plate. The videos captures the cultural and musical significance of dub-plates, which remain at the core of both Reggae and Hip Hop music. Pay close attention at the end for a legendary surprise appearance.

Friday January 21 will see the final installment, with Distant Relatives shooting a "Land of Promise" video in Trenchtown. In addition to background footage of the raw video, Damian provides insight to his father’s life and family heritage.


Additionally, UK deejay Semtex is planning to premiere the first of several Distant Relatives remixes in the works. The first is "Nah Mean (DJ Nu-Mark Remix)," which can be heard this weekend on Semtex’s show. Nu-Mark is best known as a member of legendary Los Angeles Hip Hop collective Jurassic 5.


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Photo: Johnny Firecloud