Quinn Allman of The Used

Quinn talks vegetarianism, the end of the world and... oh yeah. Music.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Quinn Allman of The Used

 The Used are about to embark on a massive tour to rally the masses for the August 31 release of their upcoming fourth studio album Artwork, and we sat down with guitarist Quinn Allman to get a lock on what's happening with the band now.


CraveOnline: Describe your immediate surroundings/state of mind..


Quinn Allman: I just got done mowing and watering my lawn, about to start moving my studio around.  Feeling overwhelmed.


CraveOnline: You're stylistically reaching back to the first record with Artwork. Was that intentional?


Quinn Allman: Mmm...kind of.  I mean the goal wasnt to repeat the first record but to exclude all outside resources and take it back to what it was from the beginning.


CraveOnline: You've said at different times that the record's about coming together, but also about self-hatred and wanting to die. In what sense, and what inspired these themes?


Quinn Allman: The album is about happiness and sadness and everything in between.  I think we felt it was do or die on this one, don't let anyone tell us what we already knew.


CraveOnline:  What's your take on the social media frenzy? It's undoubtedly helped bands get heard and exposed, but completely removes the "rock star" mystique and leaves room for wildfire rumors.


Quinn Allman: I think the world is fucked. Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, its all kind of strange.  Before now people used to keep diaries, journals and it was a place for safe keeping.  Now everyone blogs theirs feelings and shares everything with everyone.  There’s almost no defense for personal time or privacy, its almost like you're supposed to be everyone’s friend but you're not.  On the other hand its a good place for people to share their art, it just doesn’t have the same effect it once had, it has cheapened peoples perceptions.


CraveOnline:  Dan's impact as a drummer and contributor have very clearly changed the band's sound and filled it out considerably. What else has his big-brother persona brought to the table since joining?


Quinn Allman: Dan is an extremely good guy all around.  He's influenced all of us to appreciate everyday to the fullest. He lightens the mood and has really cool creative ideas, he's also one of the best drummers I've ever seen or heard.  You really only meet someone like Dan once in a lifetime.


CraveOnline:  How in touch are you with the "lost children" mentality of the youth in Utah, specifically the Mormon-brimming Salt Lake City?


Quinn Allman: I'm close to it, I live here.  I've seen it time and time again with kids of strict oppressive Mormon or religious upbringings that fall into drugs or lose their sense of being.  Utah unfortunately has bred mental illness into its society through religious doctrines and disciplines.  Its not surprising to me that the people who are the most set in their ways, often lose their direction when they try and face or deal with the real world.


CraveOnline: Ae you the only vegetarian in the band? What's your philosophy on it? 


Quinn Allman: I'm not vegetarian anymore, Jeph our bass player is.  I think that animal cruelty sucks, however there will never be an end to the killing of animals.  I eat meat because I'm already too overwhelmed with my own problems to worry about something that will never change, I do enjoy soy meat and milk and substitute it regularly.


CraveOnline: You've called meat-eating a self-loathing act that's ignorant and wrong, but life feeds on life. The one key for survival has always been to devour other life. How is that reconciled? 


Quinn Allman: I've said a lot of things.  I think that at this point in human evolution, with our brains and technology we should exercise humane and pain free slaughter of our animals and also evolve new ways to feed the world without the capitalistic reliance on meat.  


CraveOnline:  Are you at all concerned that the Artwork cover will inspire legions of arguably retarded teenage sycophants thinking you're trying to tell them being a cutter is cool?


Quinn Allman: Nope.  


CraveOnline:  Why don't rock stars have beefs like rappers do? 


Quinn Allman: Good question, we should. It sure helps rappers sell records.


CraveOnline:  It's the end of the last show on Earth before it all goes up in some horrible nuclear blowout/act of God/. What final three songs do you play?


Quinn Allman: Stairway to Heaven, Schools Out and a request from the crowd.


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