Taco the Town: John Oates

Hall & Oates music legend John Oates on his new animated series, "J-Stache"!

Jeremy Azevedoby Jeremy Azevedo

Taco the Town: John Oates

Welcome to “Taco the Town”, the most delicious interview show on the Interwebs!

Because we accidentally burned down our studio playing "Harry Potter" with roman candles, we'll be talking to famous musicians, authors, secret agents, unicorns, chainsaw jugglers, actors and models in the one place that everyone can agree on: The Taco Stand!

Today we’ll be talking to John Oates, the formerly mustachiod half of legendary pop duo Hall & Oates! Mr. Oates talks to us about the mythology of the mustache, his new animated series, "J-Stache", tacos (duh!) and his advice to young, aspiring, mustache enthusiasts. Check it all out right here, exclusively on CraveOnline!

Also check out the hilarious preview trailer for J-Stache:

Read J-Stache's awesome, borderline NSFW blog, jstache.com to learn more about the show and the zen philosophy of mustache badassery!

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