August Free MP3 Download Roundup!

Ladytron, MC Chris, The Futureheads and more!

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August Free MP3 Download Roundup!

By Jeremy Azevedo
If you can manage to stop going to see The Dark Knight over and over again, writing reviews about how great it is on your blog and constructing your homemade Batman cosplay outfit long enough to actually hear any music, this is what you should be listening to!

It's what The Joker would have wanted.

Artist: The Petes
Song: Edith

The Petes is the kind of band that we need more of, creating their own style while still honoring the classics that came before them. In a musical climate in which hipster assholes clamber over one another to copy each other’s foundationless style, it’s refreshing to hear a talented group of musicians actually focus on the songwriting for once.


Artist: Ladytron
Song: Black Cat

Ladytron is one of the leaders of the current generation of dream-pop electronica. With their hard edge and gothic undertones, Ladytron will greatly appeal to fans of NIN, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and the Raveonettes.

Black Cat

Artist: Albert Hammond, Jr.
Song: GfC

Albert Hammond Jr., for those who don’t already know, was (still is?) the guitarist for the Strokes. This makes him sorta like the George Harrison of skinny jean wearing, early 2000s indie garage rock. Even if you’re not a Strokes fan, there’s a lot to like in Albert’s solo work, as is demonstrated here on “GfC”.


Artist: Dr. Dog
Song: The Old Days

Dr. Dog's new album, Fate, is one of the best albums we have heard all year. There is no genre in existence that could effectively describe it. It’s like, if Modest Mouse was half as good as everyone says they are these days, they’d be Dr. Dog.

The Old Days

Artist: Jukebox the Ghost
Song: Hold It In [Andrew Maury Remix]

Jukebox the Ghost is a quirky group of artists that look like an emo band but really sound more like Devo or something. “Hold It In” is really worth checking out for it’s unusual timing and fun, throwback production.

Hold It In [Andrew Maury Remix]

Artist: MC Chris
Song: Nrrrd Grrrl

When MC Chris isn’t doing voices for Adult Swim shows like Sealab and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, he’s out rapping about nerd culture on Warped Tour. If you can get past the remarkably high pitch of his voice, you will find one of the most unique MCs out there. For synth-hop jams about Boba Fett and Animal Crossing, look no further than MC Chris.

Nrrrd Grrrl

Artist: Qwel and Kip Killagain
Song: Agape Rain

Where did this guy come from? Apparently this dude has made something to the tune of 16 albums since 2000, and is notorious in the underground battle-rap scene in Chicago (there’s an underground battle rap scene in Chicago?). Anyway, all that hard work has paid off. Check out “Agape Rain”, it’s great stuff.

Agape Rain

Artist: The Stills
Song: Being Here

The Stills are a rock band from Canada, that despite that glaring limitation, somehow manage to rock as hard as the best bands out there. Last month, they eve opened for Paul McCartney, if that tells you anything!

Being Here

Artist: The Futureheads
Song: Broke Up the Time

The Futureheads are Post-punk band from the UK with a unique, youthful approach to New Wave music. Their new album, “This is Not the World” is about twice as fast as their last one, as is evidenced by their first single, “Broke Up the Time”.

Broke Up the Time