Krista takes back Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Rap Rocker talks music and influences.

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Krista takes back Brooklyn

Krista is a 21-year old singer, songwriter and musician from Brooklyn, New York (Sunset Park, to be exact). The Puerto Rican and Italian singer draws her style from a broad range of musical artists, from Tupac and Biggie to Evanescence and Linkin Park.

The singer got her first break by meeting producer Camus Celli (David Byrne, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner) at a hardcore show for the band Suicide City, a side project of Biohazard's Billy Graziadei.

After a lfew years of honing her craft and voice Krista found herself auditioning for legendary music executive, Clive Davis.  Krista describes her audition for Mr. Davis: "I was in this room with like 30 executives and (Clive) wasn't there yet. I hear this voice from around the corner yelling, “Did somebody say they were from Brooklyn?!?' He was really amazing and I was encouraged by how much he loved it."  Davis quickly signed Krista to his J Records imprint.

Recently Krista answered some questions for us about her album and influences.

CraveOnline: How have bands like Evanescence and Linkin Park influenced the music that you make?

Krista: I think they have influenced my music because they’ve helped me realize that it’s ok to be dark. Like, it’s ok to share your pain with people but also in a strong way.

CraveOnline: If you had to stick to one, would you rather sing or rap?

Krista: Sing. Actually, I can’t say either or because they’re both what I do. But if the end of the world was coming and they told me to make a choice, I think I’d rather sing.

CraveOnline: Musically what can we expect from your album, Taking Back Brooklyn?

Krista: Expect to get to know me, that’s what you can expect.

CraveOnline: Who will be producing your album?

Krista: Camus Celli, he is my producer. I like to call him my producer; I like to talk like that. I’m very territorial.

CraveOnline: How did the crowds at Bamboozle treat you?

Krista: Well at first, you know, there was a big crowd in front of me but then they kind of just trickled away. But that’s because they didn’t really know who I was--I don’t think anybody really knew who I was--but I think towards the middle of my set, I had maybe triple the people that were there in the beginning. And then I had some people running after me and taking pictures with me and stuff.

Krista's debut album, tentatively titled “Taking Back Brooklyn,' due in the spring of 2008. To see more of Krista head over to her MySpace page: Krista at MySpace