The Virginia City Revival: A Bandin’ The Herd

Get into Psychobilly music and save your soul in the process.

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The Virginia City Revival: A Bandin' The Herd

It’s hard to describe The Virginia City Revival’s new album, “A Bandin’ the Herd”, in a sentence… But if I had to compare them to another artist that you may already be familiar with, I’d have to say Hank III, only slightly more twisted on mescaline.

VCR combines old school country from a time in which country and rock were synonymous with new school skate-punk attitude. This has made them a cult favorite among the Jackass crowd. As a result, you may have heard VCR on the Jackass videogame soundtrack, or on the theme song to the show “Dr. Steve-O”. Stylistically, VCR straddles the line between trendy southern rock bands like “Kings of Leon” and Sunset Strip sleaze rock as if they were one and the same.

In addition to their wild, whiskey-soaked badass southern stoner-rock style of play, VCR also has a fully realized on and off stage persona as religious southern ministry hucksters, complete with their very own “Dawn of the White Light Ministry” and even a biblical text of sorts, “The Book of the Dawn”, which you can (and really must) see on their MySpace page.

Download our favorite song from The Virginia City Revival’s new album, “A Bandin’ the Herd”:

The Virginia City Revival: Addicted