Tupac: Assassination – Conspiracy or Revenge?

11 years later and we still don't know who killed Tupac Shakur.

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Tupac: Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge?

Richard Bond’s new direct to DVD documentary, Tupac Assassination Conspiracy or Revenge is not just another hyped up Hip-Hop documentary like others that have hit stores in the last couple of years. Bond’s film takes a hard look at the unsolved murder and talks to people in the LAPD, Las Vegas Metro Police and several members of Wrightway Security who provided security for Tupac on the day he was murdered. The most prominent member of that staff was Tupac’s personal bodyguard, Frank Alexander who was also the Executive Producer of the film. Tupac: Assassination attempts to dispel many of the previous theories of the murder and introduce enough evidence to warrant a new investigation.

The film sheds light on the direct connection between Wrightway Security, Death Row Records and Suge Knight in particular. The Security company was started by former Compton police officer (and Knight associate), Reggie Wright Jr. and staffed with off duty police officers from several departments including, Long Beach, Compton, Inglewood, Hawthorne and the infamous Rampart Division of the LAPD.

Director Bond interviews the members of the security detail who were present on the day of the murder, many of whom had never been interviewed before. One person of interest in the film is Michael Moore who worked for Death Row as a bodyguard in his off time while maintaining a regular job with the Fire Department. Moore has some shocking claims regarding things he saw and heard before and after the shooting. The question that comes to mind concerning Moore’s allegations is why no one in Law Enforcement ever interviewed him or why he never went to the Police concerning things that he saw and heard while working for Wrightway Security.

At a recent screening of the film in Los Angeles (former Compton Police officer and Wrightway Security staffer), Kevin Hackie revealed that during his time working for Death Row he was also working undercover for the FBI to investigate Death Row Records as part of a racketeering  probe. [You can see a short clip of the video on TMZ here]. Hackie was a former partner of Reggie Wright Jr. and is currently retired from the police department in addition to being a material witness in the Christopher (Notorious BIG) Wallace murder.

The film blatantly suggests that Suge Knight and his closest associates were directly involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur. Deceased Southside Crip member, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson had been widely rumored to be the shooter in the Shakur murder, but Author (The Killing of Tupac Shakur), Cathy Scott completely downplays the involvement of Anderson (who was in an altercation with Tupac that night). The film also tries to dispel the myth that the case was not solved due to a lack of cooperation from witnesses, and says that several witnesses from Tupac’s security staff gave information to the Las Vegas police department.

An interesting section of the film features some lighter moments of Tupac in the studio that were recorded by Frank Alexander, who became a close friend of Tupac’s while working for him.

Tupac: Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge is an interesting film that tries to answer a lot of questions about the murder of easily the biggest star Hip-Hop has ever seen.

You can take a look at the trailer for Tupac: Assassination here.