Bone Thugs n Harmony

CraveOnline reviews their latest offering Strength & Loyalty

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Bone Thugs n Harmony

I might be biased in this review since I’ve been a long time fan of Bone, but nevertheless, I’ll try and remain objective. This album is great! No really, all kidding aside I really enjoyed this new album; with its nice beats and mix of themes I really think this is another solid Bone Thugs entry into the rap archives. I really can’t believe that it’s been this many years for the Thugs, it feels like I’m in high school walking home bumpin’ E. 1999 Eternal. Now here we are, and in a good way, the more things change the more they stay the same.

While they are definitely not the only act to employ a speedy rapping style (see Twista, Jaz-o, etc.) they have been the most successful over the long run with it. Also add harmonies with true R&B sensibilities, you then get the unique style that only Bone can give you. With a heavy mix of producers like Akon, Swizz Beatz, and Jermaine Dupri they remind you that they can work with just about anybody.

After barnstorming the industry with guest appearances and countless mixtape drops they come together like voltron and explain how good that feels in a song perfectly titled ‘So Good So Right’, that really just breaks down how the ups and downs of the past few years and how that’s all behind them. Everybody seems rejuvenated and album reflects that. Layzie even points out that the group misses wayward member Bizzy Bone and that they hope they can work that out for future projects.

Also be sure to check out ‘I Tried’ with Akon (who also punches in as producer), no other artist (solo or group) can make the transition between subject matter on an album as flawlessly as Bone. There’s just too much sincerity in their music and approach. I think they represent Hip Hop very well by reminding everyone that they are complex artists that have put together a body of work that shows the different facets of a man’s personality and beliefs. A lot of rappers and critics forget that. Be sure to check this great album out as soon as you can.

Dante Maddox will now play some jazz sax.