Top Five up and coming artists

Craving a pop-culture hiatus? Take a break from the norm and check out some up and coming artists via your CraveOnline weekly top five picks at the Music Well.

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Top Five up and coming artists

Artist:          Building A Better Spaceship
Genre:        Modern Rock
Location:    Los Angeles, California, USA

Take a voyage through vivid dreamscapes, emotional flourishes and undeniable attitude with the L.A. four-piece modern rock band, Building A Better Spaceship.  Sharing the stage with bands like Hard-fi, Avenged Sevenfold, Lit and Hoobastank, it is apparent that they can hang with the heavy-hitters in the touring rock n’ roll scene.  Driving rhythms merely lay down the runway for a poetic uplift of powerful vocals.  Song after song the messages behind the music are prettied by tasteful churns of guitar and bass.  Building A Better Spaceship take the typical modern rock genre and make it meaningful once again with optimistic sentiments and have the ability to set the stage for intimate musical enjoyment.  

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Artist:          Revolve
Genre:        Psychedelic Rock
Location:    Los Angeles, California, USA

Fusing elements of progressive melodic metal, synthy explorations and wandering ponderings, Revolve is the perfect fusion for the intellectual rockers.  The substance contained in their music is visceral and thought provoking.  Winding waves of melody lay down the path for vocal flurries for the conscious and the metaphysical.  Revolve’s music is original in the way that they speak of an idea or ideas that lie in some of the most abstract social settings, yet somehow make it palatable for everyone and avoid the pretentiousness that lies in many modern genres today.  If you want a band that can rock and also provide some brain food, this is the band for you.  This band has recently parted ways, but if you can get a hold of their music (only one album has been released), that is truly a great possession.

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Artist:          Telefon Tel Aviv
Genre:        Electronica/IDM/Trip Hop
Location:    Powell, Ohio, USA

Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper originally formed electronic music duo, Telefon Tel Aviv, in New Orleans.  Moving camp to Ohio helped them to focus more on their music.  Glitchy sounds, needling surges of percussion and ethereal gritty padded strings send you barreling into a musical plane where technological and organic bodies make love.  Expanding the boundaries and changing the face of electronica as we know it, they have managed to make their approach to music identifiable and unique.  Mainly instrumental, they have also managed to lay down some vocal graces to their creations that make for a captivating listen.  Known for their remixes on tracks by White Zombie and Nine Inch Nails, they have earned their thrown in the modern music world.  You can experience their genius via two of their works, Fahrenheit Fair Enough and A Map Of What Is Effortless.  Get hooked in!


Artist:           Alexi Murdoch
Genre:         Folk
Location:    United Kingdom

London-born, Scottish-bred singer/songwriter, Alexi Murdoch, has begun leading the world into his mind with his musical enchantment.  The acoustic waxing and waning in his music is as smooth as the tide on a windless night.  Such intensity and character billows from his lungs as he breathes his words and paints pictures like some of the great folk predecessors, Harry Chapin and Nick Drake.  There is a goldmine in his charm and the nuances in his music exhibit influences of his upbringing.  Touching on all emotions, his music is open, optimistic and impressive.  Alexi Murdoch has been touring the United States sharing his musical solace with fans nationwide.  Nurture your heart with warming folk music and grab a copy of his new release, Time Without Consequence.


Artist:          Dabrye
Genre:        Hip Hop/Experimental
Location:    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Set your glances towards one of the hottest personalities in the Detroit hip-hop scene, innovative hip-hopper, Dabrye.  Streamlined textures gears it’s teeth across chest-thumping beats in a hypnotic clockwork.  The iambic pendulum swings just a little bit harder when the voice of Tadd Mullinix storms in to stop time.  Dabrye is one of his many aliases in the Michigan hip-hop stead and he has woven a comfortable nest with other icons such as Doom and Kadence (partnered with him in some of his songs).  His vocalese bends perception and leads the mind to insight in songs like “Viewer Discretion” and “Encoded Flow”.  Rather than being absorbed in material and “scenester” social settings, this music contains a more adult outlook and approach to the conscious hip-hop lifestyle.  It’s real, it’s honest and it’s sophisticated.  Free your mind on the hip-hop time line and help bring the hip-hop movement full circle.  Bring yourself to Dabrye and he will bring it to you!

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