Exclusive: August Burns Red Studio Blog Episode 4

Week four of recording finds singer Jake Luhrs giving an inside look at his techniques and preparation.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Exclusive: August Burns Red Studio Blog Episode 4


CraveOnline is proud to present our fourth exclusive installment of the August Burns Red video blog, wherein the band checks in from the studio with an update on week four of recording their fourth studio album, the follow up to 2009's kickass Constellations LP. 

With kickass producer Jason Suecof looking on, frontman Jake Luhrs takes us inside the vocal recording sessions for the new ABR record. 


Jake's studio regimen is a fierce one this time around, knocking out two songs a day, spending three to four hours working on each. As one might imagine, such intense vocal workouts can wreak havoc on the throat; in the video, Luhrs describes his vocal-preparation concoction, and we get a sneak peek at some lyric sheets as well as a listen to some brutal new sounds from the album.


Check it out:

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Also be sure to keep up with August Burns Red at their Facebook page, because it's time we all stopped pretending that MySpace isn't on life support with no hope of return - and nobody visiting in the hospital.