Exclusive: August Burns Red Studio Blog Episode 3

Tracking drums & bass and rockin' out in the studio, ABR style!

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Exclusive: August Burns Red Studio Blog Episode 3

 CraveOnline is proud to present our third exclusive installment of the August Burns Red video blog, wherein the band checks in from the studio with an update on week three of recording their fourth studio album, the follow up to 2009's kickass Constellations LP. 

We get a glimpse inside the drum overdub sessions from producer Jason Suecof, and witness just how much work goes in to capturing the kickass sounds we hear on the finished product.


Additionally, Bassist Dustin Davidson blasts a few riffs while sporting a Cookie Monster tee (as guitarist JB Brubaker cheers him on), before we're given a quick glimpse of new lyrics from the record!


Check it out!

Check out ABR's previous two in-studio video updates (part one - part two) and check back next week for another installment from ABR in the studio! 


Also be sure to keep up with August Burns Red at their Facebook page, because let's face it - MySpace is the menopausal groupie of the social network world.