Giveaway: Chemical Brothers ‘Hanna’ Soundtrack on Vinyl!

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Critically acclaimed electronic duo The Chemical Brothers have teamed up with film director Joe Wright to score Wright's boldly original adventure thriller Hanna, which stars Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett. The soundtrack was be released exclusively through iTunes on March 15th, in advance of the film's April 8th nationwide theatrical release through Focus Features.


They also pressed about a thousand 180 gram vinyl copies of the album. Want one? 


From the haunting "Hanna's Theme," written for the 16-year-old title character, to the carnival-esque track "The Devil Is In the Details" and the tension-filled "Container Park," The Chemical Brothers deliver 20 tracks that mirror the ever-changing moods and environments that Hanna (played by Ronan) experiences in her dangerous journey as she is pursued across Europe. 


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The soundtrack is available on iTunes through Back Lot Music, Universal Studios' in-house soundtrack record label. Formed in 2008, Back Lot releases select scores from the studio's motion pictures. 


Care to sample the goods? Listen to the entire soundtrack here:

Watch the theatrical trailer for Hanna here:



Hanna Soundtrack Track Listing:


1) Hanna's theme 

2) escape 700 

3) chalice 1 

4) the devil is in the details 

5) map sounds / chalice 2 

6) the forest 

7) quayside synthesis 

8) the sandman 

9) Marissa flashback 

10) bahnhof rumble 

11) the devil is in the beats 

12) car chase (arp worship) 

13) interrogation / lonesome subway / Grimm's house 

14) Hanna vs Marissa 

15) sun collapse 

16) special ops 

17) escape wavefold 

18) isolated howl 

19) container park 

20) Hanna's theme (vocal version)