Rock It Out! Ep 18: Radiohead, Eddie Vedder, Weezer, & More!

Something's very different about Sami this time around...

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Welcome to the latest installment of CraveOnline's music-news video series called Rock It Out! featuring Sami, our fearless host, better known to the world as the mastermind behind the fantastic daily rock news/video blog RockItOut!Blog.

As you'll notice below, there's something a little different about Sami today. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think he's done something a little different with his eyebrows. Maybe the facial hair? Ah hell, I'm just no good at this "spot the difference" business. 


Once you figure out his new look, stick around for news on Radiohead's upcoming live-performance broadcast of their new album, Eddie Vedder's new video, a tribute album to Buddy Holly and many more music news stories filling up headline space this week.

That does it for this week! Tune in same time same place next week for Sami's next update, and as always, keep an eye on his kickass video blog RockItOut!Blog for your daily fix.