Sound Spotlight: The Holloys

Los Angeles dance-rock group, The Holloys, is working on a third album and have posted first two EPs online.

Shane Hirschmanby Shane Hirschman

The Holloys have been active in the Los Angeles music scene over this rapid-paced decade, infiltrating unsuspecting ears with their trademark fusion of dance and post-punk. They have toured with Dengue Fever and have played The Breeders-curated All Tomorrow's Party UK 2009 Festival. Past members have included Jon Theodore (Mars Volta / One Day as a Lion) and Jose Medeles (The Breeders), yet the group are still on the verge of breaking further into the indie rock landscape, shared by similar groups, The Rapture, Moving Units, etc. It can't be stressed enough, The Holloys are infectious to see live and have already put out two solid recordings, with all the catchy hooks that will even make narcoleptic L.A. concert-goers groove on the dance floor.

In preparation of the upcoming third album on Memory Bulldozer Recordings, The Holloys have made both of their first two EPs downloadable free on their official website,

So one should head to the official site, as they are humorously anti-Myspace.

The Holloys recent show at The Townhouse in Venice Beach has prompted me to get the word out. While it may sound shameless, you have nothing to lose by checking out the free albums and everything to gain, as you discover the Holloys' signature sound.

Below is a solid performance from the Holloys at Amoeba, where they play tracks from both Art Wars and No Where is Now Here.