Coachella 2012 Expanded To Two Weekends

Get ready for a week-long desert camp-out, music maniacs!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


What could be better than spending a weekend in the blazing 100+ degree temperatures rocking out to a music festival, then spending a week in a hostile, remote desert before doing it all over again with the same bands? Well, a hell of a lot of things, if we're being honest – but Coachella organizers think it's the perfect plan for success.


Next year, Coachella will take place over two weekends in April instead of the usual one-weekend affair. Organizers have announced the 2012 edition of the music fest will happen on April 13-15 and 20-22 in Indio, California. Fans can expect double the days and double the music, but Coachella will feature the same lineup on each weekend. Same bands, two consecutive weekends. The idea, as it seems to stand, is to have two entirely different sets of ticket-buying fans. 


Passes for the fest will go on sale this Friday, June 3, at 10 a.m. PST, and will stay on sale until the following week, June 10. The pre-sale will be the only chance for purchasers to take advantage of the multi-part Coachella Payment Plan, a layaway program for music junkies.


"We know many of you were unable to attend this year's festival because passes sold out much sooner than anticipated," a statement from Coachella organizers read. "We were truly surprised by the overwhelming response and remain honored by your passion and enthusiasm. We also know some of you purchased through non legitimate sources and were inconvenienced, gouged or totally scammed. We hope that these changes will give everyone the opportunity to purchase directly from"


It's all fine and good to want as much musical bang for their buck as possible, but for those looking to experience the full 2012 Coachella, the week-long commitment comes with many perils and pitfalls. The primary downturn of awesome is the fact that, for fans in for the long haul, the festival will be accompanied by a full week of fending for one's self in the unmercifully searing heat of the region. Those financially secure enough to shell out several hundred dollars for a hotel stay will find themselves surrounded by a geriatric oasis (Palm Springs), an unforgiving desert landscape in all directions and little recreational activity available in the week's downtime between shows. 


The upside? Many acts playing the festival – particularly smaller bands – will likely stick around for the week as well, inevitably resulting in a good amount of musical mischief that revelers won't find on any established event schedule.