Eminem Sues Audi For ‘Lose Yourself’ Ad

Em & reps set their crosshairs on German automaker's unauthorized use of the rapper's music.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Eight Mile Style LLC, the Detroit-based publisher of Eminem's copyrights, has issued cease-and-desist order against Audi AG, alleging that a new European commercial makes illegal use of the rapper's song "Lose Yourself" in a spot for the 2012 Audi A6 Avant.


Fans will recall that the "Lose Yourself" track was also used in Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit' campaign for the new Chrysler 200 model, which debuted during the Super Bowl. According to Joel Martin, a spokesman for Eight Mile Style, Audi lifted more than music from the Chrysler campaign.


"We believe Audi not only used 'Lose Yourself' to sell their product without permission, but their spot actually feels inspired by elements of Chrysler's commercial campaign," Martin said in a statement.


Watch the ad:

Gualberto Ranieri, a Chrysler Group spokesman, responded to the new Audi spot with similar scathing criticism: "Apparently someone believes that the definition of copyright laws is the right to copy others' materials, including world-renowned successes created by Chrysler Group brands."


Regarding whether Chrysler might seek legal relief, a company rep said "At this time, nothing to announce on that front."


Eight Mile Style's lawsuit, filed this week in Hamburg Regional Court in Germany, only addresses the unauthorized use of the music, leaving the claims by Chrysler in their own court. In addition to the cease-and-desist order, however, Eight Mile Style said it would seek monetary damages.