Listen to 3 New Major Lazer Tracks!

Legendary DJ (and half of Major Lazer) Diplo dropped some new tunes in the must unlikely of places...

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Diplo took it upon himself to debut some new Major Lazer tracks for the Turntable.FM audience on Monday night, spinning three unreleased tunes for the shocked and welcoming audience.

For those slow on the uptake, Major Lazer is a collaborative musical project that should only happen in dreams. The men behind Major Lazer – dance producers Diplo (Philadelphia's Wesley Pentz) and Switch (London's Dave Taylor) produce a genre-smashing mix of innovations and fluctuating sound based on a love of reggae and electronica, and the sounds are infectious. 

The first new track, titled “Ml Bugle No 3rd T2,″is partially abbreviated, as the legendary DJ said he had to “skip before the 3rd verse” and then an untitled track in full. Head over to the fast-acting cats over at 107.7 The End to hear the new sounds!

Update: The tracks have been removed at Diplo's request. He did promise an exclusive for next Monday, however, as you can see from the conversation below.

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