Watch 3D Jane’s Addiction Concert Experience

Get ready for Dave Navarro's abs to hit you in the face.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Jane’s Addiction has announced plans to broadcast a live performance at the launch event for the new LG Thrill 4G on July 25th, and we've got a sneak preview of what to expect for your viewing pleasure below.

Perry Farrel, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and whoever the hell is playing bass this week will be performing for the private LG-hosted event, with fans in attendance capturing footage of the performance using the duel-lenses Thrill 4G. For fans not attending the event, the performance will be streaming live through YouTube in 2D for all to watch starting at 9PM EST. After the event, footage from the performance will then be edited into a 60-minute documentary, which will be the first 3D video to be uploaded to YouTube 3D on August 4th.

Jane’s Addiction has released a video of the band in their studio recording a new song titled “Irresistible Force,” which will be on their upcoming new album, The Great Escape Artist. The video shows the band using the new LG Thrill to film each other recording the new song.

Lead singer Perry Farrell spoke about the Thrill 4G and partnering with LG for the event saying, “We are so into technology and playing with technology almost as an instrument, and seeing what we can do with technology. And the latest thing has been the cell phone and 3D.” Perry continues, “we want to be able to have our audience watch us in 3D during a live performance.”

Check out a sample clip below – and if you've got any 3D glasses handy, now would be the time to put 'em to use.

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The Great Escape Artist is just a handful of weeks away…