Radiohead’s 1986 Demos Surface (Listen)

Listen to Radiohead before they were called Radiohead, and before they sounded anything like it.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Two "new" songs have surfaced from Radiohead's first 1986 demo tape, from back in the days when they were called On a Friday, and the band's trademark experimental guitarist Jonny Greenwood had yet to join the band.  

The first of the two tracks, "Everybody Knows" sounds far more U2-meets-Smiths than anything Radiohead has put out, and the chorus is unpolished. It's far from Thom Yorke & the boys' finest moments as musicians, but thinking back to how most bands sound when first figuring out what to do with their instruments, it's hardly shocking that the likes of "Everything In Its Right Place" didn't materialize with zero effort. 

"Everybody Knows"

"Girl (In The Purple Dress)," meanwhile, gives off a Bily Joel and R.E.M. style hybrid. Slap a 70s porn mustache for the sax solo, and you've got a band that sounds nothing at all like the blip-glitch Rock-mutating dubstep harbingers we'd come to know them for.


Girl (In The Purple Dress):

Courtnesy of LadyNewell and Consequence of Sound.

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