The Grammys Top 12 Bashers & Boycotters: Jay Z, Reznor, Vedder & More Bring the Hate

Highlighting a dozen of the Grammys' most outspoken musical critics.

Johnny Firecloud by Johnny Firecloud


The 2015 Grammy Awards show takes place on Sunday (Feb. 8), where we'll get to see Iggy Azalea teach Taylor Swift how to twerk, and an award or two may be given out during the last big chance music stars have to dress to the nines and pat each other on the back before the sweaty mess of festival season gets underway. Apparently Kanye is playing twice as well - here's hoping he doesn't make us sit through that shitty new slow-jam with his daughter.

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Anyway, CraveOnline is rockin' a full run of Grammy Awards 2015 coverage alongside the event, although the selection of nominees is relatively bland this year, with no major snubs standing out in each category. But plenty of artists have had a more serious bone to pick with the Grammys over the years, some valid and some not - and whether through bashing or boycott, we've collected 12 of the more memorable anti-Grammy moments in the show's recent history.