Soundwave Festival Review

Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit and Slipknot were just a few of the name to tour Australia.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The Soundwave festival has now done its round of the Australian circuit and there were, of course, a number of really good acts that hit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

In a stark contrast to the electronic Future Music, another festival also touring the nation at the same time, colourful, exposing clothing wasout and black shirts and black dyed appeared more the norm.

Keyboard heavy Chimaira were out there early, as were Boston act Shadow Falls, who put on a good show and played a few well-received new songs. Meshuggah is an acquired taste and their bleak sound, though a good experience, is fairly one dimensional. Tom Delonge, of Blink 182, and his band Angels and Airwaves played a good set to end the evening with a nice vibe to close out the festival.

Bush got back together in 2010 and drew crowds, but not nearly as much as Limp Bizkit. The band was adored at each stop despite being a pretty average outfit. The band also did a tribute in the form of “My Way” with a huge banner to remember Jessica Michalik, a young girl who died at the last Limp Bizkit performance at the 2001 Big Day Out. Lead singer/rapper Fred Durst told the audience how the promoters “threatened” the band on stage that day and the girl died because of a lack of barriers.

One of the highlights of Soundwave 2012 was Marilyn Manson being booed off the Sydney stage. Slipknot fans chanted their bands name throughout the set to put him off, which was later followed by a ‘Get off the stage!’ chant. Before storming off, Manson was booed and heckled, and fought with stage assistants who struggled to keep him out there for the entire duration.

Big name attraction Skipknot donned red boiler suits and played a lot of music from their early albums but sadly, the headline act System Of A Down were terrible and played a pretty lackluster 50 minute set. I sincerely hope that those in attendance were not wishing that gig to be one the better moments of 2012.