Pete Doherty’s Best and Worst Moments

We celebrate the ex-Libertines' birthday with a rundown of his best (and worst) bits.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Pete Doherty is 33 today. How he has actually achieved this defies logic, but nonetheless we are here to celebrate the birthday of one of Britain's more sporadic musical talents. Here are his very best (and very, very worst) moments:


BEST: Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty – For Lovers

'For Lovers' was both Pete Doherty's highest chart placing (it reached #7 in the UK charts) and his brightest moment outside of The Libertines. Although it was primarily Peter 'Wolfman' Wolfe's baby (he received a nomination for an Ivor Novello songwriter award for his troubles), Doherty's lovelorn vocals ensure that For Lovers, rightly or wrongly, will forever be credited to him.


WORST: The Streets feat. Pete Doherty – Prangin' Out

On paper it sounds perfect – the UK's most famous pikey poets collaborating on a track about drugs and the perils of fame. However, the end result sees Doherty slurring a spoken word verse across the backing track through what sounds like a tin can. 


BEST: Babyshambles feat. Kate Moss – La Belle Et La Bete

At their best Babyshambles were a gin-soaked knees-up, at their worst a searing hangover. 'La Belle Et La Bete' was the former, with vocals from Doherty's supermodel ex-girlfriend Kate Moss doing nothing to dampen the credibility of one of his finest odes to lost love.


WORST: Babyshambles – What Katie Did Next

Babyshambles second album 'Shotters Nation' suffered much in the way that The Libertines' sophomore effort did. Their debut was the sound of a band finding diamonds among the rough, whereas the follow-up was the sound of a band who had found the diamonds and were comfortable with finding no more. While the album was tighter, more cohesive and with higher production values, it made way for plodding dross such as 'What Katie Did Next'.


BEST: "Trousers"

Before rock stardom, Pete Doherty was a bright-eyed young Oasis fan eager to get his thoughts heard on this MTV presenter's microphone…


WORST: Live 8 Performance

…after rock stardom, Pete Doherty got onstage and did THIS. All together now – "You can bump and graaaahuuuund!"


BEST: Time For Heroes

While Pete Doherty has now been all but dismissed as Kate Moss' crackhead ex-boyfriend, a listen to The Libertines' debut 'Up The Bracket' should sway even the staunchest of disbelievers in Doherty's talent to rethink their opinion. Like The Strokes and 'Last Nite', The Libertines' 'Time For Heroes' inspired a whole generation of young upstarts to pick up their guitars and begin penning their own romantic ditties to England.