Limp Bizkit Turmoil: DJ Lethal & John Otto Fired?

Read statements from both sides on the apparently acrimonious split, which Fred Durst seems to have initiated.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

With the one-year milestone just passed on their reunion, it appears that Limp Bizkit is in trouble once more. According to several reports, original members DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto have been fired from the band, allegedly at the decision of frontman Fred Durst. 

The vocalist is said to have a "new vision" for the group, which apparently does not involve the two members, due to the duo's recreational habits. 

In a series of tweets from March 30, DJ Lethal wrote, "So far the only news I've heard is that Fred has plans for a 'new' Limp Bizkit which doesn't include John Otto or I. I'm hoping for the best. From what I understand, Fred doesn't approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don't want to cause drama. It's unfair. I've tried to reach out and make things better. But Fred seems to have made up his mind. Bands fight and argue all the time. [I] just don't get it."

Lethal later told TMZ, "We've worked together the last 4 years to bring Limp Bizkit back to where it is today … and to just be thrown out on the street after the band gets a new deal and a new chance at life isn't cool. You can't push away the people who helped you get there. The fans should know that if 2/5 of the original band are not playing at the concerts, it wont be truthful to them." 

Guitarist Wes Boreland, who had issues of his own with the band over the years, took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to set the fans straight.

"We are seriously trying our best to help John and Lethal, but this whole thing was something that should have stayed internal," he wrote. "Lee should not have made this a public affair and you (the fans) should not have ever had to deal with something so personal and damaging. Making this public has caused way more damage than was necessary and now we're faced with an even harder situation than before. You (our supporters and friends) do not have the information needed to form valid opinions on the situation and we can't give it to you because you'd have to have lived through it in order to understand. That being said, LB is still a functioning unit and we have no plans to stop moving forward. Our intentions have never been to try and divide our fans. Our only intention has been to move ahead with the parts of the band that can function together."

Limp Bizkit recently signed a new record deal with Cash Money Records, the American hip hop label founded in 1991 by the brothers Bryan "Baby" Williams (a.k.a. Birdman) and Ronald "Slim" Williams. Durst told a few weeks ago that the band's new material was "the heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time."