Rufus Wainwright Releases “Out of the Game”

Canadian-American musician opens up about his latest projects.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Rufus Wainwright is being bombarded with interviews over rumours about a new opera he is writing as well as his inspirations for his latest album, "Out of the Game," which is admittedly his most "pop-ish" record to date.

The Canadian-American crooner, who is now 38 years old, has been talking to a slew of journalists in recent days about the 12-song CD. He told The Canadian Press about the project that he wanted to create "something that you can put on at a party and people won't leave the room." He continued, "Right before this album came out I had written an opera and done a solo piano voice tour, buried my mom, had a baby, you know, so I was really entrenched in these huge adult issues. For this album I really just wanted to have a good time and kind of rock out and be silly for a little while. And though the record still has that custom-Rufus romantic sadness, I think it's a little more upbeat and brighter than my past work."

The eclectic Wainwright was born in New York but he was raised by his single mother in Montreal, later attending McGill and Concordia Universities, the two main English schools in the city. In addition to recording 10 albums, including the new "Out of the Game," he's also written classical opera and Shakespeare theatre pieces. When asked about the recent rumours that he'd be working on another opera, he told the CP, "I've been commissioned to write another one – there'll be announcements about that at some point."


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