Rock It Out! Ep 52 – Your Weekly Rock News Roundup!

All your biggest music news stories for the week, all in one spot!

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Rock It Out is back! Our weekly rock-music news video series on CraveOnline returns with all the music stories you need to know for the week!

Rock It Out is brought to you by the supreme master of the music news vlogger world, host Sami Jarroush, better known to the world as the nucleus of the awesome daily rock news/video blog RockItOut!Blog

This week, Sami drops the biggest music news stories for the week, with news about Jack White doing the Lone Ranger score, Damon Albarn backpedaling on his Blur/Gorillaz comments, System of a Down, Deftones and more!

Get yourself settled in, cause it's time to do this:

Check out the last episode of Rock It Out! and check back next week for another installment of the best damn music-news video update on the webz!