Beastie Boys Music Sees Surge In Sales

A small silver lining arrives in the wake of tragedy.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

In a flare of bittersweet tribute, seven of the Beastie Boys' albums have returned to the US album charts, after last week's untimely death of band member Adam "MCA" Yauch.

This week's Billboard 200 chart, features the Beasties' debut 1986 album Licence to Ill hitting the highest entry at number 18. Compilation Solid Gold Hits arrived at 51, the trio's classic Paul's Boutique at 56 and Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 at 107.

The band's fourth album, 1994's Ill Communication also came in at 109, with Check Your Head at 124 and The Sounds of Science at 141.

The trio's albums collectively sold over 55,000 copies in the two days after Yauch's death, compared to 4,000 the previous week. In terms of digital downloads, the group also sold 151,000 tracks – up from 14,000 the week before.

The most popular track was Brass Monkey from Licensed to Ill with 15,000 downloads.

Spotify also reported a massive uptick in Beastie Boys song plays after Yauch's death.

Sales are expected to be higher next week for the now-defunct trio.