Leonard Cohen Wins Glenn Gould Prize

Son and singer Adam Cohen performs at ceremony.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen was honoured in Toronto with the Glenn Gould Prize last night and a handful of musicians took part in the festivities, including Cohen's singing son Adam.

Stars as well as fans turned out in droves outside of Massey Hall to catch a glimpse of the honouree. "Telling somebody [during their] lifetime what you actually think of them, instead of waiting for the obituary and saying 'Oh, he was a swell guy,' – you know, that in itself is an honour. That's an honour for you to be able to give proper due to somebody," the younger Cohen said of his father's latest accolade (as reported by CBC News). 'It's a very rewarding activity to give praise where praise is due, to give praise where praise is welcome… Although I've always had a healthy, large and deep admiration for my father, I haven't demonstrated his influence on me and celebrated him outwardly until late in my life," he told CBC News on Monday.

The $50,000 cash prize that Cohen received was donated by the performer in its entirety. He also got to choose a protégée who would receive a $15,000-award from the Glenn Gould Foundation, and Cohen chose Sistema-Toronto, a program that offers music training to children in Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood (CTV News).

Cohen has been a musician, poet, author, and philanthropist for six decades. He was born in Montreal and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Canadian Music Hall of Fame as well as is a Companion in the Order of Canada.


Photo Credit: Jenny Potter/ WENN