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Merritt Mountain Music Festival Is A No-Go

Low ticket sales attributed to cancellation of infamous music event.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

One of British Columbia's biggest entertainment festivals, the Merritt Mountain Music Festival, will not be held this year. Although it was notorious for not only drawing thousands of music fans but big-name Grammy-winning artists as well, including the likes of Vince Gill and Crystal Gale, the event has been cancelled due to dwindling ticket sales.

Organizers posted the following notice on their website (originally issued yesterday): "It is with deep regret that the management of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival has come to the sad decision to cancel the 2012 edition of Mountainfest.

The reason for the cancellation is the low ticket sales.

Although ticket sales had shown the promise of a solid attendance number when going on sale back in October of 2011, sales slowed down considerably from then on, and have not rebounded thereafter causing for the organizers to re-think going ahead with the event with a poor turnout."

Originally scheduled for July 19-22, the Merritt Mountain Music Festival was going into its 18th year. Those who already had tickets are advised to contact their credit card companies and request a refund.

However, Merritt Mountain Music Fest lovers shouldn't lose hope just yet, as this isn't the first time that the plug has been pulled on one of their events. According to an article from The Canadian Press, the 2010 festival was cancelled because of poor attendance from the year before.

"We all kind of knew something was going on because the big names weren't there," said Linda Corscadden, vice-president of the British Columbia Country Music Association, to the Vancouver Sun. "But it was still kind of a shock."