Watch: This Is England’s Thomas Turgoose in Maximo Park’s ‘Hips & Lips’ Video

The actor gets a bit "cosy" with blow-up dolls in their new video.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Actor Thomas Turgoose, most famous for portraying 'Shaun' in Shane Meadow's This Is England film and TV mini-series, stars in Maximo Park's new video for their latest single 'Hips And Lips'. 

The video sees the young actor dancing in a bedroom covered in posters of the band with blow-up dolls wearing masks of their faces, before opening the wardrobe to reveal that it's not just memorabilia of the band that he's been hiding away. 

'Hips And Lips' is the first single taken from their upcoming fourth studio album The National Health, to be released on June 11th. Frontman Paul Smith has described the album as being "about taking back control and being a force for change in your own life". 

Photo: Screengrab