Exclusive Premiere: New Bruises – ‘Chock Full of Misery’ Album Stream

CraveOnline proudly presents the new album from Florida punk outfit New Bruises.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Chock Full of Misery, the long-awaited new record from Tampa punk sluggers New Bruises, is a masterclass in punk rock maturation. It's been almost six years since the release of Transmit! Transmit!, New Bruises' debut, in 2006. That's a long time for any band to wait on a follow-up, let alone one in a scene with the turnover of contemporary punk. But for New Bruises, it's been time well spent, from recording a series of their own split releases and singles to releasing albums by bands like VRGNS, No Friends, and Bomb the Music Industry! through vocalist and guitarist Bryon Lippincott's record label, Kiss of Death. The life expectancy of an idealistic DIY punk band isn't too great these days, but New Bruises are coming into the release of Chock Full of Misery with even more fire in their collective belly than when they started, and a fantastically diverse record to back it up.

CraveOnline is proud to present Chock Full of Misery in its entirety below!

While still rooted in the anthemic pop-punk of their '90s roots, New Bruises have cracked their sound wide open on Chock Full of Misery. The result is a record that hits harder while experimenting with greater dynamics and sonic left turns, keeping the full-steam-ahead feel of early Jawbreaker while infusing it with the nuance of Tim-era Replacements.

New Bruises are looking to pile in the van again to spread the gospel of Chock Full of Misery. The band will hit Chaos in Tejas in Austin, and are eyeing a tour itinerary for the Summer.

Pick up Chock Full of Misery at No Idea Records or Kiss of Death right now!

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