Jay-Z Partners With Duracell For Future-Tech Project

Meet the new spokesman for a wireless charging power mat, soon to be available everywhere!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Jay-Z is taking his enterpreneurial juggernaut to yet another level, this time linking up with Duracell and Powermat for “Wireless Power Nation,” a phone charging system that will be installed on tables and bars in a wide variety of social venues.

Hova will be the spokesperson for the project, which allows users to charge their devices just by placing them on a table, will be available in coffeeshops, restaurants, clubs, gyms, and public venues across the country. Currently, Jay-Z offers the service in his own 40/40 Club in New York City.

Duracell and GM are employing the technology on the Chevy Volt as well, and as the technology becomes less expensive and demand increases for the convenience we will likely see a great deal more accessibility in the wireless charging world.

Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO, told Mashable.com that there will even be a Google app to display a map of charging hotspots nearby.

Duracell currently offers the 24 Hour Power System for $100, which can be used on the go. For more information, go to www.duracellpowermat.us.