Rush Releases Clockwork Angels

Tour also announced to support their first concept album.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Iconic Canadian band Rush released their first concept album, "Clockwork Angels," yesterday and have recently disclosed plans for a tour in promotion of the new project.

"You know, so many of our albums were really concept albums, we just didn't say it out loud," said singer-bassist Geddy Lee to the QMI Agency while seated in his manager's offices in Toronto. "This is more overt. We're admitting to it… I think (Tommy's) a good reference to me because what I love about Tommy is you pull songs off Tommy and they stand on their own… They're rock songs that are not necessarily dependent on the other rock songs on that album to be good and to be valid and that was something I was after with this album."

So far the concept album has been pretty well-received, with journalists like Jordan Zivitz of the "Edmonton Journal" writing, "'Clockwork Angels' carries not just the visionary questing of 2112, but the caustic urgency of Vapor Trails and hints of orchestration from the Power Windows era. If this makes it sound as if Rush’s 20th studio album is a career summation, it’s not. From Caravan’s flickering intro – before the album opener thunders onward – to The Garden’s deeply emotional string-laden valediction, 'Clockwork Angels' adds as many colours as it reflects."

Rush will be touring in the fall, and have scheduled stops in Winnipeg (Sept. 26th), Saskatoon (Sept. 28th), Edmonton (Sept. 30th), Toronto (Oct. 14), and Montreal (Oct. 18).


Photo Credit: Clockwork Angels Cover Art