Video: Stone Roses’ Ian Brown Fights With Drummer Onstage

The legendary bands recent comeback hits its first bump in the road as tensions flare in Amsterdam.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

The Stone Roses played the third gig of their reformation tour in Amsterdam last night, with the set ending on a sour note following drummer Reni's apparent refusal to play an encore. 

The Manchester band were expected to return to the stage following their 15-track set in order to play 'I Am The Resurrection', but instead Brown explained that they would be unable to conclude their set due to Reni having "gone home".

"I'm not kidding you, the drummer's gone home", Brown said, before adding: "the drummer's a c***". This very public disagreement is reminiscent of the turbulent relationship the Roses had in the 90s that ultimately led to their dissolution, which will no doubt leave fans worried about the future of the world tour.

A report from NME states that following the disagreement the band have confirmed that they will still be playing future shows, but an official reasoning behind Reni's departure from last night's gig has not been given (unconfirmed reports suggest that there was a technical problem with his drumkit).

Footage from Brown's apology to the crowd can be viewed below:

Header Image: The Sun