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Muse Drop ‘Madness’ – First Single From ‘The Second Law’

Listen to a surprisingly simple track from the space-opera dubstep-flirters, off their upcoming new album.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

Frontman Matt Bellamy is putting fans through the neurosis wringer with the band's dubstep flirtation, but this curveball actually has a bit of promise. Have a listen to the first official single off of the new Muse record The 2nd Law, called "Madness":

“I wrote that song having a fight with my girlfriend,” Bellamy admitted an interview with KROQ in L.A. “Nothing particularly over the top but just having one of those moments where she leaves you for the day to think about it. I rarely write songs that catharticly. All I had was a drum machine and a synthesizer so I just put this very minimal thing together.

“I wasn’t quite sure it would work with the band but when we started the album I showed it to Dom and Chris and they loved it. They sort of took it to another level by adding these extra parts at the end and it became a much bigger song. It’s a real surprise song for this album. It’s probably my favorite song that I’ve ever written."

The 2nd Law arrives on Oct. 2. The follow-up to 2009's The Resistance was recorded in London and features thirteen songs, including the recent single "Survival" and the dubstep-influenced "Unsustainable". Bellamy recently revealed that a recording of his son Bingham's heartbeat will be on the album as well.