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Video: Gotye – ‘Giving Me a Chance’

Watch a beautiful new video for an even more beautiful song from 2012's musical mascot Gotye.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


So what if he was cold-shouldered by the VMAs? Belgian-Australian smash singer Gotye’s music videos are a blast of creativity and viral dispersement, and his latest is no different; watch below as the singer debuts an artistic film for the single, “Giving Me A Chance.”

The video features a kaleidoscopic dream flow of settings and animated scenarios over heartfelt lyrics suggesting regret and gratitude for a second chance: “You know I never want to let you down / It cuts me up to see you sad / And I wish that I could undo what I’ve done / Give back the faith in me you had.”

The single is off Gotye’s album, Making Mirrors, available now on his official site.