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Listen: Deftones New Single ‘Tempest’

A sweet melody explodes into a crushing rock jam on Deftones' latest single from 'Koi No Yokan'.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


After sitting down for an in-depth interview with Chino and Sergio from Deftones about their new album Koi No Yokan (as well as a full listen to the new record), we've been chomping at the bit to hear these crushing sounds again – and today, another dose arrives with the official single "Tempest". Listen below as the delicate melody breaks free into a brutally epic jam – a fitting soundtrack to armageddon.

If you're looking to hear more of the incredible new Deftones record (we've heard it, and yes it's that good), check out a free download of Leathers. Deftones' upcoming album Koi No Yokan is available November 13th.  

Keep up with Deftones at their official site.