Interview: Matt & Kim Talk Inspiration, Underwear, Pre-Show Rituals & More

CraveOnline sits down with the indie-dance champions!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Consider Matt & Kim to be musical electrocution. The Brooklyn indie dance duo of Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have just released their fourth album Lightning, which was self-written, recorded and produced, and the character shines through on the ten-track collection of boisterous bounce jams.

The duo took a moment out of their hectic touring schedule to sit down with CraveOnline in New York for an exclusive two-on-one, wherein the duo discuss their philosophy on music videos, the "miraculous and disgusting" amount of time they spend together, Kim's underwear habits, how they prepare for shows and more!

Pick up Lightning and keep up with Matt & Kim at their official site!