Rock It Out! Ep 72 – Your Weekly Rock News Roundup!

Before slipping into a candy-driven diabetic coma, Sami gives us the week's biggest music news.

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The next episode of Rock It Out! is upon us, with your weekly rock-music news video series bringing you up to date on the biggest stories of the week!

Rock It Out! is brought to you by host Sami Jarroush, the Reese's-devouring maniac who runs the daily music video blog RockItOut!Blog. If you're not a subscriber/watcher/follower, you're slacking hard. No candy for you.

The latest update discusses Jack White's weird-ass super-creepy new single, an update on Green Day frontman Billie Joe, Trent Reznor's soundtrack work and more!

Check out the last episode of Rock It Out! and check back next week for another installment of the best damn music-news video series on the net!