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November Metal Guide: Ten Metal Albums To Check Out This Month

Ten new albums to collapse your eardrums this month!

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson


November!! When the hell did November get here? I was just picking out my Halloween costume, I was just robbing little kids for bags (though technically Halloween didn’t fall on a weekend), and I was just about to try and talk to the slutty “Police Woman” or her drunk hot “School Girl” friend. Now it’s November? From candy to turkey, my, my, time sure does fly.

What’s even worse is that this is probably my last metal release list until 2013. Let’s be honest, between the holidays and wanting to come out strong in the New Year, most labels don’t release much in December. I might be able to squeak one out, but I doubt it. So, here we are, my last metal list for 2012. Without further ado I give you Ten Metal Albums To Check Out In November.


Anaal NathrakhVanitas

Candlelight Records

Release Date: November 6th

The dynamic duo of black metal is back with one of their most ferocious albums to date. Vanitasis another blast of dank, vile and putrid fresh air from a band that simply refuse to conform to genre standards. Anaal Nathrakh are not just a band, they’re artists, and every record is more an artistic statement than a collection of songs. That kind of freedom, especially in a genre that can be as restrictive as Black Metal, is refreshing.


Various ArtistsCasa De Diversion Vol  2

Toxicbreed Funhouse

Release Date: Out now for free!

Cover records are usually labors of great ego and lead to releases of incredible boredom. Not so with Casa De Diversion Vol 2. The folks over at Toxicbreed Funhouse have gathered 32 awesome bands, most you haven’t heard before, and given them free reign to interpret any and all kinds of music. With this creative freedom come songs from all over the musical landscape. Negative FX, Negative Approach, Bolt Thrower and Tool share time on the same album as covers of The Smiths, Bruce Springsteen, Echo And The Bunnymen and more. Casa De Diversion Vol 2 is one of the best cover albums since Vol 1


Corrosion Of ConformityEye For An Eye Re-Release

Candlelight Records

Release Date: November 6th

The original punk/metal sound that was a full decade ahead of its time has been re-released. Eye For An Eye is the first thing COC recorded and it features original vocalist Eric Eycke. This version is not only re-mastered and cleaned up, it also includes the incredibly rare Six Songs With Mike Singing EP. Raw, brutal, and loud, Eye For An Eye was the first taste of the raging behemoth that was to come.



Ipecac Records

Release Date: November 6th

When Isis broke up it sucked. Gone was one of the most original sounds in music. As their final salute to the fans, Isis has released Temporal, a two CD and one DVD set that spans their entire career. A career retrospective involving Isis is unlike anything else you’ve heard before. The demos, outtakes and unreleased material take from all corners of the music world. Textures from jazz, to metal, to ambient soundscapes, to heavy grooves saturate Temporal. Check out tracks like “Ghost Key” or “Wills Dissolve” and you’ll understand what I mean. When Isis does something it’s always different. That holds true with Temporal.


Horseback And LocrianNew Dominions

Relapse Records

Release Date: November 6th

Some might consider this a re-release, but I don’t. Sure the original New Dominions came out in 2011, but only on super limited vinyl. Now, Relapse records has taken the collaborative effort of these two pillars of the underground drone/Black Metal scene and released it on a common man CD and expanded it with three extra tracks. Horseback and Locrian together make psychedelic experimental music that weighs in heavily with drone, soundscapes and ominous sound collaborations. You should always be on the lookout for the vinyl, but, for now, this CD will do nicely.


DeftonesKoi No Yokan

Reprise Records

Release Date: November 13th

I have no idea what this record sounds like or what it might sound like. Love them or hate them, the Deftones have always done their own thing. I’ve been a big fan of the various rebirths of the band with each record so I’m excited to see what they do here.


Aluk TodloOccult Rock

Ajana Offensive Records

Release Date: November 20th

Aluk Todlo has decided to greet November with a two-disc voyage into polarizing black metal. This isn’t easy music folks, this isn’t groovy and fun, this is experimental black metal peppered with prog structures and avante gard sensibilities. At times blazingly brutal and in your face, at other times haunting and creepy, Aluk Todlo have created more than just an album with Occult Rock, they’ve created a musical landscape. One that’s dark, dreary, foreboding and incredibly challenging.


KylesaFrom The Vault Vol I

Season Of Mist Records

Release Date: November 20th

After a brief decade in the business, Kylesa have apparently gathered themselves up a vault. Said vault is apparently filled with alternate versions of songs like “111 Degree Heat Index” and “Bottom Line II” plus unreleased material and a new jam titled “End Truth”. I dig Kylesa so I was into all of the songs on From The Vault Vol 1, though I must be honest and say their cover of Pinky Floyd’s “Set Controls For The End Of The Sun” and Buzzov’en’s “Drained” were my favorites. If you dig Kylesa and you want to be the same completest bastard I am, then definitely check this collection out.


Uncle Acid & The Dead BeatsBlood Lust

Rise Above Records

Release Date: November 20th

Just when you think there’s not one more Black Sabbath inspired, heavy groove oriented band with touches of sixties psychedelia you can stand to listen to, along comes Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats.  Blood Lust is a thick and over-biased slab of sonic heaviness and vocals that sound like a demon woman and Ozzy had a baby that wanted to be a cross-dresser. If you dig bands like Witchcraft, then think of Uncle Acid & The Dead Beats as the snotty little brother who wasn’t as polished but was twice as punk rock. Trust me, buy this record, get high and commence to head banging. You’ll thank me.


DeathSpiritual Healing

Relapse Records

Release Date: November 20th

This is Death. Perhaps the greatest band in Death Metal ever. This record is astonishing. Shut up and go buy it right now plus their entire back catalog.