Kurt Cobain Biopic: Courtney Love Chooses Brett Morgen to Direct

Unreleased footage, Cobain's stop-motion animation tinkering and more are to be featured.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Kurt Cobain's widow (and batshit-crazy washed-up attacker of me) has hand-picked director-and-producer Brett Morgen to take the wheel on semi-biopic about the late Nirvana frontman.

It was recently reported that Courtney Love had paired with Britney Spears' controversy-dripping former manager Sam Lutfi on a film project about her marriage to the late Nirvana star. Morgen, who worked recently on the new Rolling Stones documentary Crossfire Hurricane, has confirmed his involvement. 

"Courtney is the one that brought me into this," he told New York Post. "We've been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now… Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker. So we are going to do the movie sort of like a third-person autobiography – [as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life."

Oh that doesn't sound like a train-wreck nightmare at all. Cobain's pill-addled paranoid ex-rocker widow has made countless reckless and poor choices since Cobain's death, but countermeasures have so far prevented her from sabotaging her late husband's legacy. But a film led by Lufti and Love, documenting Kurt's life in a way that depicts the story through Kurt's own eyes, sounds like a perfect storm of hell no. 

Morgen has had his mind on the project for several years, however, telling an interviewer in 2008 that he planned to use animation to aid in bridging the gaps of Cobain's history where there wasn't proper archived footage.

"It’s all of Kurt’s artifacts and archives and journals and yeah we’ll have the music of course but the…his home movies," Morgen explained. "He did stop action animation, which I don’t know if anyone’s ever seen but I saw it and it’s fucking great. I mean it was crude and I’m gonna probably refine it, you know, in a way, I mean some of his stuff was out of focus or whatever—like unintentionally out of focus but we’re going to make a film as if Kurt Cobain was making his autobiography and so and one of the things about using animation in it is that at first I was like oh, man all the, you know, it was the worst time for archival films because from like ’83 to ’92 video sucked."

Hopefully this project can be killed before it gets off the ground, or at least shed of its shady affiliations (because honestly, some Cobain stop-motion animation could be awesome). But being that it doesn't presently center on the Nirvana name, there seems to be little anyone can do to slow its progress.