Matisyahu Delivers New Song ‘Happy Hanukkah’

The reggae rapper feels the holiday spirit, with sales proceeds going to Hurricane Sandy relief.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Matisyahu may be on break from Hasidic Judaism (and he's got the clean-shaven look to prove it), but the man hasn't divorced entirely from the core spirituality driving his message.

After releasing his new album Spark Seeker and preparing to hit the road for a limited run of upcoming acoustic performances, Matthe Paul Miller – aka Matisyahu – delivers a holiday gift for his fans via a new track called "Happy Hanukkah".

The song will be available tomorrow (Nov. 20) and all proceeds from it will go to Hurricane Sandy relief, but you can listen to the track over at Spinner right now.

"I am from New York and wanted to give back to my incredible community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy," Matis said in a press release.

Keep up with Matisyahu and his upcoming tour dates at his official site.