Graham Coxon Says ‘No’ to New Blur Album

...and the dreams of millions of Blur fans are squashed.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Being a Blur fan is quite the difficult venture. On the one hand they are capable of putting out new material as beautiful as 'Under the Westway', on the other they're hopping around the Brit Awards stage like a bunch of drunk dads at a wedding desperately trying to humiliate their children.

For those of us who have been wishing that they'd all halt their busy lives for a few months in order to create that new album we've desperately been waiting for, we've had to endure non-commital interviews with Damon Albarn where he neither confirms nor denies the band's intentions to enter the recording studio. However, now it's not just Albarn who's putting question marks over Blur's future.

Speaking to a fan on Twitter, guitarist Graham Coxon replied to a question regarding whether or not Blur would be recording a new album with a simple, blunt "no". Bummer. Coxon would later tweet: "I'm sure that was mark coxon ruling out another album.. He was around this morning eating toast..", casting doubt on the assertiveness of the previous tweet and, ultimately, yet again leaving fans with no clue as to whether or not Blur are ever going to give us what we want.

Coxon, Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Alex James haven't released an album together since 1999's 13, and since they reformed in 2009 with a hugely successful concert at Hyde Park they've inevitably been bombarded with questions regarding a potential new LP. Is this a case of Coxon toying with the fans, or are Blur really not going to deliver the goods?