Worst Ever? Britney Spears & Will.i.Am’s ‘Scream & Shout’ Video

Songwriting and visual value are out the window - these two are going for barrel-bottom pop culture vapidity. 

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Don't be alarmed by the armies of shrieking winged monkeys flying by your window, or the seas turning to blood in an apocalyptic froth – it's just Mother Nature retching in disgust at the fact that Will.i.am has released the video for the new single, “Scream & Shout,” featuring Britney Spears. Think of it as the cultural meeting point between the Kardashians and MC Hammer.

The video, directed by Ben Mor, is available for viewing below at your own risk:


“Scream &Shout,” produced by Lazy Jay, is one of the single most vapid productions in the history of pop music, which has a good 60-plus year history of topping itself in the disposable cheese department. Both visually and creatively, the song and video are impossibly empty: more flashy nonsense about turning this shit up in the club, on repeat, ad nauseum. Britney drops into a fake British accent as she rocks a look and hairstye out of a Minnesota dive bar on New Years Eve in 1991, sponsored by AquaNet, while Will sports an assortment of ridiculous hats in a room full of mirrors. Think of the money behind these two. Now look again at the results.

This is the latest effort to re-establish Spears as more than a no-talent washed up hack Midwestern corn-fed cheerleader mom who was plucked from her cookie-cutter life and pushed through the Disney machine to both wondrous (the pop-smash factory worked, y'all!) and disastrous (the Cheetoh-dusted, head-shaving mind-losing downward spiral is so hard, y'all!) effect in the long term. The effort is a collossal failure to those with even the most jaundiced discerning eye, but to those people like your cousins in Indiana or the asshole neighbors who live on Red Bull across the way and still pump Black Eyed Peas' "I've Got a Feeling" before a big night out, it's undoubtedly right on the money.

Meanwhile, Will.I.Am, who serves as general ambassador to big-box corporate douche-party anthems, has found the perfect pairing in his quest to achieve the ultimate soundtrack to Vapid Kingdom.