Album Stream: Green Day – ¡Tré!

Have a listen to the third full album Green Day is delivering this year, a week before release!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


iHeartRadio is streaming the third in Green Day's trilogy of new albums in 2012. ¡Tré! is now available in full for your advance listening "pleasure" – so long as you don't mind a shameless audio plug inserted into each track by the host.

To stream the album, click here – but do so with caution. While ¡Uno! was digetible and ¡Dos! was a forgettable castaway, ¡Tré! is simply uninspiring. The band would have been far better off simply compiling the best 16 tracks from the sessions for these records and putting out one strong LP, rather than three low-point forgettable albums.

Green Day’s new album hits stores December 11. Buy the album here. For more on Green Day, visit the band's website at